Good Deeds Comes Good, Evil Comes Evil

Good deeds surely reflect one’s good character as they show how smart and humble one is in their personality. As many people believe that they need to do some sort of very different or extraordinary things to impress others, it is totally wrong. You just need to have some originality, politeness and adequate manners, for that purpose, if we are helpful then people will naturally understand our beautiful character. Many would think why good deed has been included here, the reason is that your attitude towards others and your kind ways too reflect your personality and character.

This World is a double edged knife
And we have only one life
Enjoy it, Live it well
In good company do dwell
Always do good deeds
Sow in yourself character’s seeds
Cultivate mind with manure of thought
For ages, the experiences brought
Feed your life with good deeds
So that there is no place for weeds
To harm, that oft leads
The decay of character’s seeds
The one who wants to succeed
He must always heed
And must seek
The good qualities
And not the quantities
A wise man can only pleads
Then decide what to do
And what not to do



Bari Dupari, Bari  Zholi  Thakee  Hhare  Aaya  Ek  Musafir…

Lekar  Ek  Paigam, Maine Pucha  Janaab  Aap Hai  Kaun..

Bole  Aaya Hu  Badi  Dur  Sai  Pyara  Tofha  Lekhar….

Dekha  Tu  Thaa  Ek  Toofha  Yaad  Dilata  Mohbaat  Ki  Aasqishi  Kaa..

Naa  Koi  Shabbad  Thaee  Baya  Karne…

Phir   Bhi  Thaa  Ek  Sandesha  Un  Pyaar  Bhari   Batao  Kaa..

Dekhte  Niharate   Usse   Nahi   Palkhti   Meri  Palkhe…

Manno   Bheja   Ho  Kisine   Apne  Dil  Kaa  Ifthar   Lafzo  Mai  Baya  Karne..

Dekhte   Dekhte   Dhal  Gaya  Din  Aur  Ho Gayi  Shaam …

Bola  Accha  Mai  Aab Chalta  Hu..

Tofha  Bahar Rakhar  Jaldi  Sai  Nilkal  Gaya…

Maine Kaha Ruko Ruko  Yeh  Bheja  Kisne Haii…

Tu Bola Hai Kisi  Khaas Ki  Lamho  Kaa  Tofha Haiii..

Maine Khol  Dekha  Toh  Paya

Ek  Ajeez   Tukda  Yaad  Dilahat  Bithae  Huae  Pal  Kaa…

Poverty, the Curse for Urban India


Poverty is the biggest curse. We, in our much privileged lives do not realize this heart-wrenching fact as it’s not everyday that we come face to face with it. The claws go deep and when poverty strikes, the ripples do not leave anyone around untouched.

I want to share a incident which one of my friend  told me through his own experience. The story of  a working peon in an office. He was a sweet, well natured and extremely polite man, probably in his sixties. Everyday, as I walked into my office, he would say a “Namaste madam” with his four fingers touching his forehead. It was awkward for me, a man his age saluting me as if I was coming straight from the Indo-Pak border. I would politely say “Namaste Bhaiyaji” and take my seat, as he would bring me a glass of water. Over the time, we got used to the routine, and the salute was always accompanied with a smile. Small chitchats became a norm, as he would keep the glass of water on my table. He would talk to me with great nostalgia about his family, which stayed in a different town because he could not afford to live with them here in a metro. Cities were expensive after all. I kept wondering why he needed to work at this age in the first place. The answer would be uncomfortable to hear, so I never really asked him the question.

I was not in the office, when I got a call from one of my colleagues telling me that Bhaiyaji’s father had passed away and that he was weeping inconsolably.
The worst part of the tragedy was that he did not even have enough money to buy a ticket so that he could bid adieu to his father for the last time. Everyone in the office decided to pool in whatever they could to help the poor man. It was a nice gesture but what of the loss? What about the curse?

The images would not leave me- a poor old man, tattered slippers, no money, dead father. I decided I needed to see him. I wasn’t sure what or how much help I could offer or what kind words of mine would be good enough for him, but I just knew I had to see him before he left. I called one of my office friends and she thought the same thing. Just as we were about to enter the parking lot of the office, I thought I saw him. There was a small old man, slightly bent with age, holding a grey cloth bag, wearing a grey check shirt and walking slowly towards the exit gate. It was the same shirt he wore to work almost everyday. I honked as hard as I could and the guard came running to the gate. I yelled asking him to stop Bhaiyaji first and the guard ran back in the other direction. We started walking towards him and I was trying hard to gauge his expressions. There weren’t any.

He was right in front of me now and I had called him back right when he was leaving for his father’s funeral. What would I say to him? What would be good enough? I feebly attempted to offer some words of condolence, but it looked vain. We offered him some monetary help and told him he could call us whenever he needed to. He bowed his head in gratitude and left quietly. My gaze followed him as he sauntered unhurriedly towards the exit gate. My eyes fell again on his tattered slippers. The curse.

After hearing the whole  story  I thought ,It was the curse of poverty. We keep saying that money can’t buy happiness, that it’s not in its very nature to generate joy, but isn’t the lack of money the root cause of all the evil, the biggest of those evils being poverty? We have never heard a really poor man saying that line, have we? Probably, it is indeed a form of pious snobbery to think money can’t buy happiness. All the spiritual banter about money doing horrid things to people and not being able to buy happiness etc-etc, might be intellectually satisfying, but it doesn’t bring respite to a hungry man.

I had a lot of questions today, to God, to society, to myself? How did we end up being so massively imbalanced in terms of what we have? How unfair is this charade, where one man’s weekend movie and dinner is another man’s monthly income? I did not have any answers and it made me feel so helpless, as I haven’t felt in ages. In a country like ours, seeing images of poverty is not exactly a big deal. A maimed child, a blind man, a pregnant teenager, all  at my car window at a traffic signal is an ordinary everyday phenomenon. It sounds  pathetic, as I read my last line but come to think of it, how many times do we think about it, let alone do something about it? I want solutions, we all do, and the best we can do is do our own bit. Charity can never be the answer. Something more dynamic will be required to change the equations. Perhaps we need something where each one of us is involved, fighting the odds and getting rid of this curse gradually and eventually. Maybe, someday I will find an answer, or someone will find an answer. We will have to keep looking for it though.

A Strength that Holds Us

The  Beauty of  a Women  come out  and  play   reveal  her  inner  treasures,

The  Sparkle in  her  eyes and  the  Natural  swing  in  her  walk..

their  radiant  excitement  and  enthusiasm…

Surrounding by pains and  griefs  and  fear,

She has  the  stamina , beauty  and  courage that  one   would  admire.

She  understands  what  it  means  to  live and  let live,

How  to  much ask  for  herself  and  how  much to  give….

She  has  the  strong  yet  generous  heart  and  the  inner  beauty   sets  her  apart.

Her  senses  are  heightened  to  see  the  things  so  clearly,

And  the  future  beckoning   her  to  live  the  dreams  she  holds  so  dearly.

She feels the softness of her hands,

and muses at the strength that they possess. 

Her needs and desires she has learned to express.

She has tasted the bitter and savored the sweet fruits of life,

overcome adversity and pushed past heartache and strife.

She  goes  a  extra mile  to  help  someone  in  need,

And  throughout  all  of  her  hard work

No one  sees  her  fall  apart

That’s  Life  of  a  Women  filled  with  joy  and  hardships.

The  lights  that  guides  all  around  us  .






This will be My Valentine

Valentine’s day …A  day  filled  with  Romance  and  Joy  for  your loved ones. I Know everyone of  us  has  someone in our life  from whom  you dedicate your whole  world  to  you.The one whose happiness, joy ,success and  failures  matters to us a lot. Everyone  has a different love  story, where we have  find  our  soulmate. Either  we accidentally  met  the person  or  destiny  leads  through  that  person. But  the  most  beautiful  part  is  that life  has to  gone  with  many  compromises  and  adjustments . Among  those  things  the person  whom  can  adjust  with  your  likes  and  dislikes  is  made  for  you. Whenever  you  find  him …. It’s almost  like  I  am  done . I  don’t  need  anything  more  out  of  life  . I  have  you  and  that’s enough:)

He will be  gentle, loving, strong, sensitive and kind
He will be all this and more combined…..

He is somewhere in this world of rage
When we meet we’ll be on the same page…..

For me, he will move mountains
Together we’ll drink from crystal fountains….

He will always bring me flowers
His kisses will rain on me like showers….

He will always be there for me in times of trouble
We’ll never have a major squabble….

He will playfully ruffle my hair
In my ears he will whisper “don’t despair”….

Without reason we will dance
Against those who hurt me he will take a tough stance….

He will not lie or cheat, in each others arms we’ll admit defeat
In love he will always be fair

His heart only mine to share
His eyes always on me will shine

A man a heart so fine
This will be my Valentine!

Parindey Ki Udaan

Everyone  like  colorful kites  flying  high  in the  sky. The  kite  festival  is  nearby  and  I think  everyone  of  us   is  excited  to  go  to  the  terrace  and  see  the  look  of  the  sky  in  the  vicinity.  On  that  moment  I  thought   that  colorful  kites  appear  to  me  like  human beings   where  everyone  of  us  struggling to  stand  till  last  and  be  the  winner  and  the thread  appear  to  me  like  our  roots, our  strength, our  values.  As  flight  of  a kite totally  depends  on  the  quality  of its  threads   which  is its  roots, similarly  our  success  flights also  depend  on our  stronger  roots.Roots  are the only thing which keeps us attached to our beginning, our family, our society, our culture, our country and whole humanity. If our roots are strong then we can overcome any kind of hurdle in life easily as a kite do when it flies high and struggle with others and manage to steer clear the hurdles and high velocity winds .

As kite navigates freely in air with gentle thrust created by pulling of thread, similarly we can exercise our Free will effectively if we have stronger roots (values) which pull us gently from doing anything wrong to anyone. But if we have weaker roots we can’t manage to steer clear in life we will face hurdles and when a situation like that comes we will easily lose our contact with our roots as it happens with kites with weaker thread it lost in vast sky. We will fly to where circumstance will make us fly; we will not have any control on our situations. We will be lost forever.

So as human we may aspire to fly high and sustain that height for a longer duration than others, it can be possible if we pay attention to basic principles of life. Not to forget the root from where we originated, not to forget that truth always wins, not to forget our commitments towards our parents, our society, our country. If we keep these all things in our mind no one can stop us from flying high like a kite in the sky.

Manzile   Unhi   Ko Milte  Hai…

Jinke  Sapno  Mai  Jaan  Hoti  Hai…

Sirf  Pankoon  Sai  Kuch  Nahi  Hota…

Hauslo   Sai  Udaan  Hoti  Hai…